Adult Sessions

Adults may need a photography session for business, social media, performing arts, publicity, family gifts, or just because it's the "right time". You may have multiple uses for a photographic image. Our choice of sessions will give you the selection you need for your purpose.

55 to 65 exposures is great for someone planning to be photographed using many clothing outfits, hairstyle changes, or if a large "portfolio" selection of images is desired.

35 to 45 exposures is again great for a lot of variety. This session can easily provide images for multiple uses as a portrait for family or significant other, business, and social media. We would suggest up to 3 clothing outfits.

15 to 25 exposures can be sufficient variety again for multiple uses, as portrait gifts, business, and social media. One or two clothing outfits are suggested.

10 exposures will offer some variety. Again, these images could be used for multiple purposes such as business, social media, or a portrait gift. This session does not include an  on-line proof selection.


All adult sessions greater than the 10 exposure session include an on-line proof selection which may be viewed at home to make choices for you portrait order.


updated May 2014