Children Sessions

Children sessions are fun, filled with variety, and priced for kids and teens*. Your child's personality will be captured for you. These sessions can also be used for groups of kids with an added group charge.

*Teens under 16 excluding early graduates.

20 to 30 exposures can be studio or outside or both.  A few clothing outfits if you like.

10 to 20 exposures can be studio only or outside only.  You may use one or two clothing outfits.

Add $20.00 for children groups.


Both children sessions include an on-line proof selection you can view at home to make decisions for your portrait order.

We can offer a larger session if desired. Please inquire if you have questions.

These session prices are intended for children or groups of children.


updated May 2014

Would you like a theme session or do you have an idea you would like to develop for your portraits? For instance, would baby like to dress up in Mommy or Daddy's career clothes? Or how about a birthday theme with balloons and a cake (could be messy- hopefully!) and what about those sleeping babies, or the dirty baseball player after little league! Dress up or dress down, your session can be really fun!